Personal essays

Good Housekeeping, October 2016

“Don’t Act Like My Daughter’s Down Syndrome Is A Tragedy”

Family Fun, February 2016

“When My Daughter with Down Syndrome Found a Forever Friend”

Café Mom, March 2016

“I Want My Daughter to Love Herself, Down Syndrome and All”

Yahoo Parenting, January 2016

“What I Wish I Could Change About My Children”

Yahoo Parenting, September 2015

“Abortion & Down Syndrome”

Woman’s Day, 2015

“An Open Letter to the Mom Who Won’t Raise Her Baby with Down Syndrome”

Health, 2015

“Running Was My Therapy”,,20883000,00.html

Parents, 2010

“How Our Daughter with Down Syndrome Exceeds Our Expectations”

Baby Talk, 2008

“The News About Jo Jo: Raising a Baby with Down Syndrome”




  1. Great blog. I’m glad I read it.
    Thanks for sharing. Now I don’t have to ever go to Sesame Place. Hope to see you again next summer in Ivry.

  2. I have a girl and a boy too…!!

  3. I must tell you that I also love the names of both of your children. Beautiful!

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