Posted by: Hallie Levine | May 26, 2011

Geoffrey Solomon Sklar

I haven’t blogged in a while…

I’ve been a little busy

Geoffrey Solomon Sklar was born at 1:05 pm on Monday, May 16th. He was two weeks early, which is a good thing–he was already 21 inches and eight pounds, six ounces!

Jo Jo and Teddy have taken the addition of a new baby brother in stride…

More posts and pictures to come in the next few weeks…but right now I’m just enjoying this little guy



  1. A hearty mazel tov to all of you. He is sooooo cute!!!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed we’ll be able to play together this summer.
    Jeffrey and I will be in Montreal from the 24th – 31st of August.
    He is going to be a “longe loktsch”as our Bubby used to say.
    When is the bris?

  2. Congratulations. He is so very beautiful and I am sure the perfect fit for your family. I love the last photo. First, you look amazing. Second, that precious boy has the cutest expression and hand posing.

    Enjoy him!

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