Posted by: Hallie Levine | September 29, 2010

Baby Ballerina

Today was Johanna’s second ballet class. It was technically supposed to be her third, but we missed the first class because I was sick. Last week, we didn’t have a chance before class to get the appropriate attire. But this morning, as you can see, we were an absolute vision to behold.

We had occupational therapy at our house with Carol beforehand.

Johanna did a great job threading beads on a string by herself. And she was also able to name all the colors–red, yellow, blue–something she’s never done before.

But then, everything’s easier when you’re a beautiful ballerina.

Meanwhile, Teddy got in touch with his feminine side by taking a plastic tomato for a ride in Jo Jo’s pink stroller.

The motorcycle came along for company.

After therapy, Jo Jo and I headed to ballet class. It’s hard to tell how much she’s really getting out of it, but she loved waving her pink butterfly wand…

…and dressing up as Madeline…

…except for the minor annoying detail that her hat kept falling off and she couldn’t figure out how to get it back on.

But her favorite thing? Admiring herself in the mirror.

This must be some weird modern dance move….

But for me, today was amazing because I watched my daughter fulfill one of the dreams I’ve always had for her. There’s no reason why she can’t continue to dance for as long as she wants–more and more, places are offering adaptive dance programs for kids with special needs (check out the Boston Ballet’s program for children with Down Syndrome, here:

My little ballerina girl. I am so proud of you



  1. NaNa is going to take her JoJo to Boston next year to see the Boston ballet’s Nutcracker. I will get seats way up front and you can sit on my rolled up coat so you can see the dancers’ toe shoes moving. You are my very special ballerina girl!

  2. so glad you are enjoying the class & watching her!
    what a great Madeline get-up 🙂

  3. I love that JoJo is a ballerina! Go JoJo, so sweet and adorable and fun. Love the blog.

  4. This is the greatest story. I had an aunt with Down’s Syndrome and in her childhood, there was nothing for a choice in their future except to be placed in institutions or keep them at home where they were basically forgotten. Marie managed to learn to play the piano and was very good at it. She, too, was a natural performer and the biggest of her life was at her 60th birthday celebration where she sang and danced with Elvis (an impersonator but she didn’t care!). Seeing Johanna reminds me so much of her. Yes, sometimes it can be challenging but when you come right down to it, so rewarding. We were blessed to have Marie in our family as your family is blessed to have Jo Jo in yours.

  5. Love the pictures!!!! You must be so proud of your little ballerina!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful ballerina girl. Wonderful mama.

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